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Envision is your trusted partner in Salesforce data migration, offering a range of expert solutions to simplify the process. We handle everything from complete systems comparison to secure data backup and meticulous migration scripting, automation, and testing. Our services are designed to remove the guesswork from your transition, ensuring a seamless experience. Trust our team of experienced Salesforce data migration consultants to guide you through the process. Let us empower your business with a well-organized Salesforce system that drives success.

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Our Expertise

Salesforce Products We Migrate

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

Our Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation consultants ensure a flawless cloud integration that drives increased lead generation, accelerates deal closures, and boosts overall productivity.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Service Cloud

With our Service Cloud implementation, unlock a world of cross-selling opportunities, seamless integration with back-office applications, and gain real-time insights into support metrics for enhanced customer service.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Leverage the full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that engage and convert customers effortlessly.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Shoot up the growth of your organization, and optimize your business processes to clinch more leads and conversions by availing of our salesforce commerce cloud consulting services.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud

Our Salesforce consultants specialize in building customized and branded communities that seamlessly connect to your business data and processes, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Salesforce Appexchange


Explore the vast ecosystem of AppExchange, where you can discover and leverage innovative, customizable apps that enhance your Salesforce platform, enabling your business to thrive.

Our Services

Salesforce Migration Services We Provide

Envision offers seamless Salesforce migration services, making your system intuitive and organized. Here's what we off


Salesforce Migration Planning

Collaborate with stakeholders to define your Salesforce migration project's scope, budget, and timeline. Our consultants will analyze your requirements and recommend the best migration approach for your company.


Data Profiling

Assess data quality, and analyze sources and structure to identify valuable information. We'll consolidate relevant data and determine what needs to be transferred and customized in the new system.


Data Cleansing

Utilize our data cleansing best practices to eliminate poor and duplicate data, ensuring high-quality datasets. We'll normalize and enrich your data for a more reliable Salesforce system.


Data Transfer Execution

Collect standardized data from various sources like SQL, Excel files, and Salesforce solutions. With our deep expertise, we'll swiftly and smoothly move your data to its new home, minimizing interruptions to your business activities.


Data Migration Test and Audit

We'll monitor your Salesforce org post-migration to ensure integrated systems and record relationships remain in sync. Additionally, we'll establish data governance policies and track project milestones.


Data Quality Maintenance

Implement data quality policies to uphold high standards for your system data. Our team will employ preventive measures to safeguard your Salesforce org from erroneous, inconsistent, and duplicated data.

Why Envision

What Sets Us Apart

Experience the advantages of our unique offerings and industry expertise in delivering high-quality Salesforce services.

Elastic team setup

Elastic Team Setup

We offer both Hybrid and Nearshore engagements to increase your convenience.


High Quality to Cost Ratio

With us, you can get significantly reduced costs for senior, seasoned experts & dedicated Teams.


Cost Optimization

We offer attractive pricing and optimized; engagement models to deliver Rol & enhance resource utilization,

Synchronized timezone Services

TimeZone Aligned Services

With us, you can work in similar time zones, enabling better collaboration between your in-house and remote dedicated teams.


Security & Compliance

We offer industry-leading security & compliance for your business to ensure IP is protected from internal & external threats.

Diverse Industrial Experience

Diverse Industries Experience

Our experts possess experience in various domains, enabling us to cater to you with the best.

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Check out how our clients are satisfied with our cutting-edge services that redefine business norms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Salesforce Services and Solutions.

1. Choosing Data for Migration:

Select the specific objects and fields you want to migrate, such as Contacts or Accounts, based on your business needs.

  • Designing Data Templates:
  • Create Excel templates for each object, considering the required fields and relationships between objects to determine the migration order.

  • Populating Data Templates:
  • Analyze your data and fill in the templates accordingly. You can review and load data sets gradually to ensure accuracy.

  • Preparing the Target:
  • Plan for custom fields to store legacy ID information using the "External ID" attribute for indexing. Consider creating custom fields for non-standard data from the source system.

  • Validating the Data:
  • Perform data validation using the following steps:

  • Generate custom reports to validate record counts and gain an overview of the migration.
  • Conduct spot checks to verify data accuracy.
  • Review exception reports to identify any data that was not successfully transferred.

Salesforce Data Migration involves transferring data from another software to Salesforce org to enhance business operations. Our team of Salesforce migration consultants at Envision offers comprehensive support. We assist with data analysis, identifying the relevant data for transfer, cleaning and preparing the data, selecting suitable migration approaches and tools, validating the data, testing the success of the migration, and ensuring smooth user adoption after the project's completion.

A Salesforce Data Migration Consultant is an expert who specializes in facilitating the smooth transition of data from existing systems to Salesforce. They assist in various aspects of the data migration process, including data analysis, selection of relevant data, data mapping, creating data backups, and ensuring data integrity during the migration. These consultants are well-versed in identifying differences between old and new systems, addressing object and field naming discrepancies, and determining the best practices and tools for data migration.