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Collaborate seamlessly and get a 360-degree view of patient data on a HIPAA-compliant platform to achieve improved outcomes.

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Elevating Healthcare Services Through Tailored Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions

Collaborating closely with healthcare providers, we excel in orchestrating seamless patient care journeys by implementing Salesforce for healthcare. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum, from transforming marketing prospects into comprehensive care plans to handling billing intricacies and managing ongoing patient relationships effectively. With a rich background in developing cutting-edge solutions, we've crafted holistic Patient 360 experiences within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Our Expertise

How Envision Can Revolutionize Your Business with Salesforce Health Cloud Services

Maximize efficiency and leverage the extensive ecosystem of Salesforce Service Cloud to drive exceptional customer experiences
and business growth. Here’s what we offer:

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Our Suite of Salesforce Health Cloud Services

Implementation Services

We specialize in crafting tailored blueprints during our design services, mapping intricate business entities and processes onto Salesforce Health Cloud. Our expert consultants delineate system roles, identify custom development requirements, and seamlessly integrate diverse components.

Patient 360

We create a comprehensive patient view, seamlessly integrating data from initial contact to post-care stages, incorporating EHR/EMR, Billing, Marketing, and Accounting systems

Patient Intake Process

Efficient onboarding involves transitioning patients from Lead/Opportunity stages, conducting benefit verifications, capturing current and historical patient data, and ensuring a seamless entry into the system.

Census Management

With the health cloud in Salesforce, we empower staff with a panoramic view of the current census across rooms and facilities, promoting streamlined organization and resource management.


Structured assessments, such as H & P, Nursing, Bio Psych Social, and Case Management evaluations, foster planned and organized facility operations, eliminating potential confusion.

Salesforce Integration with EMR/EHR Systems

Our seamless integration synchronizes data between Salesforce and EMR systems, ensuring the creation and maintenance of accurate patient records.

Integration with Medical Billing Systems

Bidirectional data flow between Salesforce and Billing systems enables real-time updates, ensuring precise patient billing information and financial records.

Discharge and Alumni Management

Custom integrations facilitate timely pre-discharge procedures and maintain connections with alumni patients through personalized reminders, enhancing patient engagement.

Advanced Reporting

Our customized Salesforce Health Cloud reporting tools provide invaluable insights, empowering informed decision-making and strategic actions.

Salesforce Benefits

What You Can Achieve With Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Health Cloud revolutionizes healthcare management, ensuring streamlined processes, improved patient engagement, and efficient care coordination.

  • 47%, leading to better adherence to treatment plans.
  • 35% increased care coordination efficiency.
  • 40% rise in data accuracy.
  • 30% faster scalability.
Why Envision

What Sets Us Apart

Experience the advantages of our unique offerings and industry expertise in delivering high-quality Salesforce services.

Elastic team setup

Elastic Team Setup

We offer both Hybrid and Nearshore engagements to increase your convenience.


High Quality to Cost Ratio

With us, you can get significantly reduced costs for senior, seasoned experts & dedicated Teams.


Cost Optimization

We offer attractive pricing and optimized; engagement models to deliver Rol & enhance resource utilization,

Synchronized timezone Services

TimeZone Aligned Services

With us, you can work in similar time zones, enabling better collaboration between your in-house and remote dedicated teams.


Security & Compliance

We offer industry-leading security & compliance for your business to ensure IP is protected from internal & external threats.

Diverse Industrial Experience

Diverse Industries Experience

Our experts possess experience in various domains, enabling us to cater to you with the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Salesforce Services and Solutions.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a comprehensive healthcare CRM platform that enables healthcare providers to manage patient data, streamline workflows, and improve patient outcomes. It enhances patient engagement, facilitates efficient care coordination, and provides data-driven insights, leading to better healthcare services and operational efficiency.

Salesforce Health Cloud ensures data accuracy through robust data management tools and real-time updates. It adheres to industry-leading security standards, including encryption, access controls, and compliance certifications, ensuring patient data is protected and confidential.

Yes, Salesforce Health Cloud is highly customizable. Healthcare organizations can tailor the platform to their specific requirements, incorporating personalized workflows, treatment plans, and communication protocols. Its flexibility allows seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring a tailored solution for diverse healthcare scenarios.