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About White label comunications

Pioneering VoIP Solutions for Resellers and Service Providers

With a profound background in the Telecommunications industry encompassing extensive expertise in both voice and data, the inception of White Label Communications was driven by a mission to revolutionize the reseller market for VoIP solutions. Their unwavering commitment lies in delivering unmatched service quality, comprehensive training, and unparalleled support. Through their globally hosted PBX and SIP Trunk solution, they offer their partners Private Label Dial Tone, empowering the Next Generation of Service Providers (NGSP) to broaden their product offerings.


Project Highlights

White Label Communications reached out with a requirement to integrate a versatile Dialer app. The goal was to address customer issues promptly and efficiently by recording and saving activities directly within the CRM, enabling swift access to the required solutions within the same platform.


Integration of Dialer App with CRM

Envision addressed the client's requirement by seamlessly integrating a Dialer app into their CRM system. This integration allows the client's team to efficiently engage with customers through incoming calls, understand their issues, and automatically save relevant data into the CRM database.

Efficient Lead Management and Conversion

With Envision's solution, the client can effectively contact leads and nurture them throughout the customer journey. The integrated Dialer app empowers the client's team to make outbound calls, providing personalized support and guidance to potential customers.

Comprehensive Reporting and Data Analysis

Envision's end-to-end solution offers the client access to powerful reporting features that provide valuable insights into customer interactions. These comprehensive reports enable the client to analyze call logs, track customer responses, and identify patterns and trends in their data. Armed with this information, the client can make informed decisions on when to call back customers.

Revolutionized Next-Gen Communication Management

When Envision took on the challenge, we embarked on a transformative journey to empower our client’s customer support and sales endeavors. By integrating our cutting-edge Dialer app into their CRM system, we paved the way for a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. Outbound and inbound calls from cell phones and landlines became a breeze, allowing customer support executives to address issues promptly. Crucial activities and call logs were recorded and saved within the CRM.

  • Next-Gen Dialer App integration
  • Enhanced outbound communication
  • Efficient inbound call management
  • Automated activity tracking
  • Swift solutions from CRM
The Winning Sauce

Key Features / Integrations

  • Integrated the Dialer App into the CRM for seamless communication.
  • Amplified sales campaigns with outbound calling from cell phones and landlines.
  • Automatic saving of call logs for easy data retrieval.
  • Created profiles and saved historical data for better customer insights.
  • Utilized analytics and reports for data-driven decision-making.
  • Converted leads to loyal customers through efficient communication and support.

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