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About PropM

Personalized Property Management Excellence

PropM. Inc is a property management company based out of Portland, Oregon that offers the most comprehensive and personalized services available in property management today. From managing properties and finding tenants to searching for suitable homes for stays or vacations, PropM Homes is a one-stop solution for all real estate needs. Their experienced team will ensure that your property will be managed professionally and marketed globally and nationally. Prop M homes can provide qualified tenants, the highest market rents, minimal vaca.ncy, and 24/7 maintenance response by protecting the investment.


Project Highlights

Envision assisted PropM Homes in implementing an efficient sales cycle and property management system, leading to the following outcomes:


Streamlined Sales Cycle

Envision played a crucial role in transforming PropM Homes' sales cycle into a highly efficient and well-structured process. The end-to-end sales process was optimized by customizing lead, account, contact, and opportunity management within Salesforce.

Automated Lead Capturing

Envision created and integrated Web2Lead forms on PropM Homes' corporate websites to eliminate the manual burden of lead capturing and data entry. These forms were designed to automatically capture leads directly into the Salesforce database, minimizing human errors and ensuring no potential lead slipped through the cracks. As a result, the sales team could focus more on engaging with leads and nurturing relationships, leading to an increased conversion rate.

Property Database Maintenance

Recognizing the importance of property tracking and management, Envision optimized the property database within Salesforce. This enhancement allowed PropM Homes to keep a comprehensive record of all properties in their portfolio, their status, and relevant details.

Streamlined Sales Cycle and Lead Management

PropM Homes sought Envision's expertise to implement effective solutions when facing challenges in their sales process and property management. As a result, they achieved a more efficient and organized sales cycle, improved lead management, streamlined property showcasing, better customer segmentation, and data-driven decision-making capabilities. These changes contributed to increased overall efficiency and higher customer satisfaction for PropM Homes. Here are the key solutions provided by Envision:

  • Customized Sales Process
  • Automated Lead Capturing through Web2Lead forms
  • Enhanced Property Management
  • Customer Feedback Integration
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
The Winning Sauce

Key Features / Integrations

  • Customized lead, account, contact, and opportunity management
  • End-to-end sales process design and implementation.
  • Creation and integration of Web2Lead forms for automatic lead capturing.
  • Efficient property database maintenance within Salesforce.
  • Introduction of an automatic scheduling system for property showcasing.
  • Implementation of a feedback-capturing system.
  • Provision of comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards.

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