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About NTT Communications

Empowering Global Enterprises with Cutting-edge ICT Solutions

NTT Communications is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and part of the NTT Group, a top 100-ranked corporation in the Fortune Global 500. They provide a wide range of innovative global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, including cloud, network, and security services, helping customers to work quickly, strengthen their competitiveness, enter new markets, and develop new businesses.

NTT Communications

Project Highlights

Envision streamlined NTT Communications front-office processes, reducing quote-to-cash lead times and providing real-time revenue visibility. The project successfully optimized order processing and established seamless data flow, improving overall operational performance.


Streamlining Front-Office Processes

Envision collaborated with NTT Communications' Americas affiliate to automate front-office processes, reducing quote-to-cash lead times. By eliminating manual and duplicate data entry and swivel-chair processes, the project aimed to enhance operational efficiency.

Real-Time Visibility and Accurate Reporting

Accurate and automated reporting was essential to provide NTT with real-time visibility into its revenue cycle. With minimal manual intervention, Envision successfully implemented solutions to generate crucial reports like Accrued and Incremental revenue, replacing erroneous and time-consuming manual efforts.

Seamless Integration and Data Flow

The project's success hinged on establishing automated and accurate data flow between NTT Communications' legacy systems and NTT America's Salesforce instance. Integrating Informatica with Salesforce facilitated data sourcing, while ETLs implemented in Informatica validated and transformed data in the required format.

Streamlining Operations and Enabling Data-Driven Decisions

Envision successfully executed the project through a comprehensive approach, working closely with the NTT Communications Americas affiliate. The team achieved seamless data flow automated report generation by integrating Informatica with Salesforce and implementing complex Apex logic.

  • Integration of Informatica with Salesforce as the data source
  • Implementation of Business logic for data transformation and report generation
  • ETL implementation in Informatica for data validation and transformation
The Winning Sauce

Key Features / Integrations

  • Complex Apex logic written in Salesforce for revenue calculation
  • Revamped and streamlined old order entry process
  • Creation of dashboards and scheduled report generation for Sales and Accounting teams
  • Implementation of extensive exception handling to automate error resolution
  • Scheduled the automatic generation of various reports for efficient data insights.
  • Reduced quote-to-cash lead times and automated front-office processes.

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